Green Water Guide Service

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First fish on a Lure                                                              15 Trout and 4 Reds up to 5 Pounds

15 Flounder all 4-7 Pounds

6 pound Flounder                                                                          20 Flounder to 5 lbs and relased anouther 30

23 trout and 1 red                                                                    30 trout and 1 red

 20 trout and 4 reds                                                        Fun day with the kido's

26 tout and 1 red

25 nice Trot and 1 Red                                                                             22 Trout and 1 Red

24 Trout on a windy day                                              Was her first Trout

                                                                                      Ling Kings Shark and Trout

                    2 Limits of Trout and 1 Red                                   Nice Morning Wade

           Hook Up with a Trout                                                    28'' Red on 80th Birthday                      

Limit of Flounder

                27'' Redfish 7 pounds                                           Hooked up with Big Redfish

           20 Trout and 1 Red                                                9 Trout to 4 pounds

       Dad and Son trip 10 Trout                                  20 Trout and 1 Red   Released 60 more   

5 Pound Flounder                                                                         7 Pound Flounder

          4 Pounder Caught and released                                 Biggest Flounder 7 Pounds

21 flounder to 5 Pounds                                                    Nice Redfish on a Soft Plastic

Gigging with my Girl Friend less than 1 hour                             15 Nice Flounder

20 Flounder and 1 Trout  What a Night                            2 1/2 Reds  The Shark was Hungry

What a stringer                                                     20 Flounder   

                                Nice Pig!                                                    20 Flounder by 11 p.m.

            Nice 5 1/2 Trout                                                20 Trout 1 Flounder

    23 Trout and 3 Reds... Nice Haul                            15 Pound Red Fish Way Go Mark 

He thought he was Bill Dance                                                22 Trout and 7 Reds

She said it was a whale                                                    Reds on the Flats
5 pound Rubber Lips                                                            30 Trout and 2 Flounder... Nice day!

30 trout and 7 Flounder ...Great day!                                                Limit of Trout and 1 Flounder

Trout all between 3-6 pounds                                                5 Pound Trout

6 Pound Trout on a Nasty day                                                5 Pounder drifting deep shell

Limit of Trout and a Red                                                         13 Trout, 2 Reds, and a Flounder...The Texas Slam

 What a mess of fish                                                                            Andrew Holding a 4 pounder and a 6 pounder

Capt. Robert's 7 Pounder                        Capt. Robert's 7 1/2 pounder

Tyler with a nice 4 pounder                                        Nice Red Way to go!

Capt. Robert's 7 pounder                                                                 Andrews 5 pounder


Book a trip today call Capt. Robert @ (281)-799-5728

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